About Cheryle

How  came into being.

My life really turned around, upside down, inside out and every which way when I had not long turned 30. I had a life threatening car accident, I died twice and twice I was bought back, out-of-body experiences, so much happened that made me question where I was going.  Before the car accident I was happily married we have three wonderful children , life couldn’t be better ( heard the story).  Then one event after another leading to the car accident.  The Universe certainly has some strange ways of putting us back on track ( I think), since that day my life and that of my family’s changed dramatically, setting me upon a path of searching trying to find where is it that I fit in?

In and out of relationships never really settled, I found myself truly on my own wondering “what in the hell am I going to do now?”  As my Dad thought us all, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on with it, so that is what I did, I began by studying again at the age of 55, I received my Certificate in The Foundations of Aromatherapy with the assistance of my mentor now friend Ngaire Birch, from there I studied and received my Diploma in Vibrational Medicine covering Traditional Chinese Medicine from there I completed my Diploma in Holistic Counselling.  Then I discovered the wonderful world of colour through Aurasoma this sent me on a journey ( still ongoing) of self discovery this opened up another new world to me, looking at colours and interpreting their meanings on many levels, through colour I found my voice feeling like I belonged in that world, but not feeling like I really fitted in anywhere else, then came self acceptance, still working on self-love that is massive for me and I guess for many of us on a similar path.

I work within a construction company in Brisbane, I enjoy my work and the people I work with, I have been in the construction industry for many years in many office roles, but I  have always had  and have the love for the complimentary modalities always searching for a new course or something new to learn, my next course of study is going to be Yoga, I found Yoga when I was feeling more than a little low on self-esteem and worth, Yoga brings me back on a physical level and spiritual level, it has helped through some pretty stressful times, so I have decided if it can help me it can certainly help others.

I have recently completed a course of study to become a Justice of the Peace, I have been deemed competent and now just going through the process of registration, learning everyday, always taking the opportunity to learn something new.

How I see myself now

I see myself as a student of life, allowing myself to be open to experience so much………………

Each day for me I see as a gift, as a blessing this I truly believe for everyone, the fact we wake up and we can sit here and do what we do, every day is a new beginning, it is never to late to start again. As we are all souls in a physical body we have experienced many different lives on our journeys, that is why it is so important to always look within and search for answer from within you, because that  is where they lay just waiting to be sourced by you.  We so often find ourselves searching,searching….. for what??

What is it that we search for?  I ask myself that question quite often probably like everyone else does, questions like where am I going? What am I doing here? so many questions and you know I have just found out very recently on my journey that the answers to my questions lay within me, asking for guidance and being still, I actually find myself receiving answers, not always the ones I want to hear but nevertheless answers. Sometimes I feel like it is doing my head in, as I get closer to spirit and finding my true path I become scared and anxious, letting the old ego take over I become a mess, but then a saying or a memory will pop into my head and take me away from that feeling why?? Because I choose to dwell on the positive outcome of every situation, there is always something to be learnt always, we all each of us have that power with in us to choose how we feel everyday.

My world begins every day with being thankful for another day and blessing all those that have also awaken to a brand new day, new beginnings I wish this for myself and everyone else everyday, with deepest gratitude.

To keep focused , I practice positive affirmations, I am still working on meditation, I practice Yoga for I believe totally that Yoga is a journey through the self to the self from the self, Yoga keeps me focused and I am learning more about my body every day, what creates the limitations within my body, it all comes from my thoughts, the mind is so powerful so by practicing positive affirmations, exercising not just Yoga but some Gym work and walking helps to keep me focused and sometime to understand why I am feeling the way I am on certain days, knowledge is such a powerful tool.  Being aware that we have the power to change our day…. how empowering is that??

Where I am going

I am now in my early 60’s still working full-time and loving it, when I finish my Yoga Teaching course, my plan is to open my own Yoga Studio by the beach, haven’t found a location yet, but it will turn up when I am ready. Combining my knowledge of Holistic Counselling, Colour, Essential Oils with this incorporate Healthy Nutrition, so much to look forward to, feeling so much is still waiting for me to do, to see and to feel.

As I move closer to spirit, to where I am going , to where I am meant to be, I  sometimes I feel so vulnerable , but I know that I am totally supported and loved at every turn, as I travel on this road ,so many layers peeled back so much learnt and revealed to self, this journey is amazing sometimes very lonely, but always worth it.

May all beings be free.  May beings be Happy.  May all beings be love, but most of all MAY ALL BEINGS BE PEACE, I wish this for every soul on this planet, that they/you may each a find a sense of belonging and true inner peace, wishing each of you safe journeys through life.

I wish only abundance, good health, happiness and love.


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