My name is Cheryle I am a mature in physical age but still young at heart , working and living an active life, I have love exercise, the mind, colours and always open to learning something new, I believe that you never stop learning right through out life from babe in arms to your last breath, and I also believe through recent experiences that the best place to be is right here right now in the present moment, nothing else matters, I create my future from being present each moment. What we think is what we create.

I have had this page for sometime and decided it’s time for a revamp still working out what this page will represent for me, still work in progress as life is….


The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

Your belief has to be stronger than your fear to overcome

Cheryle Uduste

Being present in the moment is what counts, this creates your future moment by moment

Cheryle Uduste

Let’s build something together.

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