My Story

My Story


Making lots of discoveries along the way, allowing myself to be open to receiving guidance.  This has lead me to cross paths with many people and healers in many modalities, trying to work out where I fit in.

This is what I do… I love to help those that are seeking, I love to put a smile on someones face, I love sharing and giving the gift of hugs to embrace, this is my way of saying thank you, I love you, I am here for you.  Sometimes we do not need words, actions I feel speak more loudly than words.

How I see myself now

I see myself as a student of life, allowing myself to be open to experience so much………………

My world begins every day with being thankful for another day and blessing all those that have also awaken to a brand new day, new beginnings I wish this for myself and everyone else every day, with the deepest gratitude.

To keep focused , I practice positive affirmations, I have now moved into dance movement and self expression of the woman through Shiva Shakti Dance this has helped to become in touch with my feelings and learning how to express them this has transformed my life immensely learning and accepting the light and the dark being aware of my triggers I have attached a link to the site here to if this is something you would like to know more about

Where I am going

I am now in my early 60’s still working full-time and loving it, I am just about to embark on an a Women’s Embodiment Certification Course with an Australian Facilitator and Creator of this wonderful modality, this will allow me to learn more about my self and the emotions and how to help others through similar experiences, this is what I have been searching for a feeling like I am becoming closer to being what it is I came into this life time to achieve, always wanting to help others but never quite confident in my abilities even though I have studied so much and travelled far there was still something missing, feeling like I would get to a point and then kicks in the old self sabotage and self talk, if you are on a journey similar to this I will post the link here for you to have a look at, I am just about to venture into this whole new modality so I really cannot explain a lot about it accept that it is something I am really drawn to do, feeling this will be one of my biggest achievements or learning to date a little nervous but much excited. Here is the link if you want to have a look

As I moving closer to spirit, I  sometimes I feel so very vulnerable, but I know that I am totally supported and loved at every turn, as I travel on this road , so many layers peeled back so much learnt and revealed to self, this journey is amazing sometimes very lonely, but always worth it.

To all “May, all beings be free.  May beings be Happy.  May all beings be love, but most of all MAY ALL BEINGS BE PEACE”

I wish this for every soul, that they/you may each a find a sense of belonging and true inner peace, wishing each of you safe journeys through life.

I wish only abundance, good health, happiness, and love.


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