Day by Day 10092015

Good Morning world today may you be blessed with peace, harmony and joy.  Feelings and thoughts arise as I awake, how Iam going to feel today?  How ill my day unfold?

As I rise my first words are Thank you Thank You Thank you for this day, for the beautiful sunrise, and for my journey.  I now have the power to chose how I feel, because Iam in charge of how I feel today and today I am choosing happiness. As I prepare to go about my day positive affirmations ring through my mind, “All is well everything is working out for my highest and out of this situation only good will come and I am safe” I make all my decisions based upon the principle of truth”.

My essential oil for this moment is Frankincense, this beautiful oil gives me a sense of inner peace and safety, the affirmation for this oil is ” I am surrounded and protected by fragrances of love”.  The wonderful benefits of inhaling the fragrance  of essential oils , can take you to another place and time.

These are just a few things I do everyday to begin my day and to mindfully chose how I am going to feel today and allow the universe to guide me through my day.

All is well I am safe .


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