Equilibrium Bottle 0 – Spiritual Rescue

Featured Image -- 227

This is the very first bottle in the Aurasoma, Royal Blue over Deep Magenta, the key note for this bottle reads as follows: ” May help to bring clarity into our feelings about our life. To be able to see our part in the creative process. Each bottle you will note as we travel through the bottles are numbered, the number 0( zero) represents a complete circle from which everything originates, a dimension of B0 relates to those who do rescue work during the night.”

Choosing this bottle in a consultation dependent on the position the bottle is chosen , could represent you have been sent here with a gift to share to “rescue” to be of service to others with Magenta in the lower fraction which appears almost black and it contains all colours which represent the complex patterns that lie in the subconscious mind, with the royal blue on the top this offers the potential for clarity, in conjunction with the red in the lower giving you the ability to detach from a situation and the blue will offer you the gift of clarity through this detachment. The magenta also tells of those that like to take care of the smaller things to allow the bigger picture to unfold, with the royal blue this also relates to structure and could relate to those who work in a government departments ie: such as Police Force, anything that has a strict structure, the royal blue has the attribute of loyalty.

This bottle also relates to the Tarot Card the Fool, this is the outward journey of the Fool, taking that leap of faith which is commonly related to the Fool, having faith in your inner knowing, knowing that you will be supported with which ever road you take, spirit will support you on the journey. Each bottle also has an affirmation as well the affirmation for this beauty is ” I love life and life loves me”

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