Day by Day – Lessons 130915

Blessings and love to all today.

Lessons always learning and growing everyday no matter the age always something new to learn. Emotions and how they affect us on a daily a basis, my encounter with a friend once my partner has helped me understand that sometimes people just cant let go of the past and there is nothing one can do to help that person move forward unless they ask for it, my lesson here is to let go of the wanting to so desperately help this person move forward and then  realising that it is an inside job for each of us, how we choose to live our life is our choice and with great respect for both parties I release this emotion to control even though it comes from the heart it is still control.  So it is with this knowledge and compassion that I learn to respect others boundaries and not to over step mine.

In this lesson I can see how far I have moved forward and I am so grateful for this growth within me, my life is filled with wonderful loving family and friends, I cherish each and every moment I share with this wonderful souls, may god bless each and every one of us on our journeys.

Interesting, this morning I intuitively chose Tea Tree Essential oil to  vaporize , then upon reading the affirmation for this oil from Robbi Zeck’s  Blossoming  Heart, the affirmation goes like this “Patience, tolerance and genuine interest enhance my understanding” and how appropriate that is for my lesson, how the universe guides and protects us as we move a long our path is the synchronicity or coincidence? for those you know of Carl Jung you will understand this comment.

Thank you so much for the blessings and gifts of this day, I found this most beautiful saying from Spirit Science post on Facebook this morning that prompted me to share my thoughts with you, it is just so appropriate for today.

peace within

Wishing all my beautiful family and friends much love and happiness, and today I am sending extra massive huge love and many, many wonderful blessings of love to my niece Kelly, her long time partner , James proposed to Kelly yesterday, surrounding you both in love and light and many happy days ahead for you both, x

Wishing every one out there a beautiful and restful , happy Sunday


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