Day by Day – Meditation – 150915

Good morning and blessings for yet another gift of this beautiful day.

What were your first  thoughts on rising this morning?

Mine were filled with gratitude and much love for this gift today, we are blessed each day with the rising of the morning sun and so many beautiful gifts that nature has provided for us, take a moment to appreciate the abundance that surrounds us, the birds singing, children happily playing, the beauty of the many sounds and sights we are blessed to hear and see, what a wonderful gift , that we sometimes take for granted the gift, the sense of smell, your morning coffee, your favorite scent, the scent of baby those special moments that we share with our babies to be forever cherished, as time flies by we sometimes forget these beautiful moments in our lives, give yourself a gift today of remember your favorite moment, scent forever hold those precious moments as beautiful memories.

I experienced a wonderful meditation this morning, meditation takes me to a place of total peace and inner quiet, it is one of the most powerful tools for stress relief to bring one back to centre and to realize what is most important in ones life, practicing meditation even if only for 10 minutes in your busy morning can give you the gift of balance, peace and help you move through your day with less stress and more acceptance of what is in the present moment, give yourself this gift if only for a few minutes.  I share with you this meditation that I experienced this morning, on YouTube, Kireki, if you have a moment to listen give yourself a gift and do so.

With much grace and gratitude, I thank the universe for this wonderful gift today, so blessed we all are to open our eyes and see the beauty that surrounds us.


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