Day by Day – Drugs and our Children Wednesday 23/09/2015

My passion to be of assistance to our younger generation is ever growing, whilst on my search  for more information and knowledge, I came across these websites, there are many out there to help and support our youth, Head Space is one of many that do incredible work to support our youth, these young people our upcoming leaders, teachers, politicians etc., we must find away to nurture, educate and encourage our youth.

I have attached a link to Head Space, if you know of anyone this may help please forward it on.

Youth , Mental Health, Addictions, Drugs

Also came across this website, Yeti , for those based in the Northern Areas of Queensland, please pass this information on even if we reach only few it is a beginning, every voice helps

Blessings to all, may you all find, peace, happiness, joy and  good health.



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