Day by Day – What is – Friday 25/09/2015

Day by Day – What is – Friday 25/09/2015

Blessings and love to all.

What is?

What is, what is?

I have been asking myself this question quiet regularly, I receive many answers to this question, I ask myself and others?

What is, is it what surrounds you? Is it what you think it is? There are so many perceptions of “What is”, what is yours?

I think I have come to the decision of “What is” for me “What is” for me, for me I think that acceptance of life as it is at the moment, its about living in the moment, I think that many of us myself included tend to life sometimes in the past and I find that when I do that, I lose sight of the my “What is”, because I believe that , thinking of a past event constantly, gives that event momentum and energy therefore bringing it back into my present, my “What is”, is constant work in progress to recognize and acknowledge that the past events cannot be changed no matter how much thought I give it now , it doesn’t change the event that happened, so the next step to letting go of this past event is to accept it,that this is a part of who I am and that, that event will always be apart of me and my journey, so by letting go of this event and cutting ties to it frees me to be me and live my life to the best of my ability in freedom.

I feel the only way to move forward from this is to practice daily the art of self acceptance, self love and most of all gratitude for where I am and the lessons I have learnt.  I think that by acknowledging that I have no control over the past, that I do have control over me, over the now and “What is” in the now, for I believe that by focusing on living in the now I am actually creating  my future.

I understand and acknowledge that each of us has are own journey to live, the journey we chose before we came through to this plane, in taking responsibility for my journey and my actions frees me up from the “oh why me” syndrome and I endeavor to embrace all events in my life, whether they be good or not so good, I ask myself the question ” Why have I attracted this into my life” sometimes I receive an answer, its just a matter of being aware of the signs/answers, there are so many ways that source responds to our requests for answers, it can be in meeting someone new, that beautiful white feather that just floated past you when you were wanting confirmation of something, or seeing a colour over and over or a number over and over, we so often as humans look past these signs without even realizing that this may be the answer we are searching for, that thought that might enter your mind out of nowhere, do  you sometimes find yourself wondering where that thought come from, life is amazing, we are all on our own journeys to learn and to grow and these lessons will keep on repeating themselves until we learn from them, the old saying/quote ” You can’t keep doing things the same way and expect a different result” how true is this. You can’t change until you know yourself totally and accept yourself totally, then and only then can one change, if you want change they saying I hear and read so many times is that ” you need to be the change that you want” and how can you be that if you don’t truly know who you are and what it is that you want.

Living in the moment is not always as easy as it sounds, because as humans we are conditioned by parents, society etc., to have certain beliefs and we quiet often without even knowing create so many negative instances in our lives, but we can chose, with awareness and the inner knowing that if we want to change we can we have the power to , it with in us to do that, recognizing this power and taking hold and responsibility of this knowledge can be so empowering, we all have so many gifts to offer each other and the world around us. In taking that leap of faith from what we know into the unknown is so daunting, but I always look back with love and gratitude at the many leaps of faith I have taken over the years, stepped out of my safety zone, not sure of where life was taking me but somehow knowing that it was all going to work out, everyday I acknowledge this.

Louise Hay Quote: It’s only change and change is good”  another ” Out of this situation only good can come and I am safe”

affirmations, trust self acceptance, self belief

Sometimes ego sets in and I feel anxiety, recognizing for me that anxiety is fear and ” what is it that I am afraid of” is the question I constantly ask myself every day, constant work in progress, constantly moving forward and stepping out not being really sure of where I am going but knowing that I am getting there in the right space and time.

We are given so many opportunities to move forward and it is up to each individual to take advantage or see these happenings/events as opportunities , everything that happens to us, happens to us because of reasons that we may as humans will never know, but by accepting all instances/events that enter our lives as lessons, we get moment of illumination when the lesson/s are finally learned, and being grateful for that knowledge, that lesson has taught us, everyday there are lessons, lessons no mistakes just lessons, if we could all look at life this way, just imagine, no guilt, no anger, no judgement and so many other emotions would fall by the wayside and free us up to live the life that we are meant to live, you know it is really that simple, yet as humans we make it so difficult for ourselves.

Listening to Abraham as I write this, making it so easy for me, allowing the words to flow without too much thought. If you are not conversant with Abraham Hicks I have attached this link for further information.

teachings, law of attraction

May we all beings be happy, may beings be free, may all beings be love.


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