I have been following abstemious2eternity journey  and the courage it takes to truly challenge oneself. I then decided this would be an excellent daily exercise for the next 28 days, another journey of  part of the self.

Question 1 – Why are YOU doing #loveme?

Answer: I am doing this because I feel I need to challenge me in certain areas of my life, this is a part of my journey of self discovery, from my friend and mentor Ngaire , creating this blog for me, back to the beginning when I started this journey, Ngaire has travelled this road with me giving me non-judgmental support and so much more along the way. As so many others have, that I have befriended on this journey of self-discovery and of course my precious family.

Asking myself many years ago “What is it that I want? What is my journey?“, without the challenge and on going support of all the wonderful people in my life giving me the strength, the teachings and guidance on this never ending journey,  so many layers revealed, so many tears shed, anxiety, depression , anger and so many other emotions, I now feel its time to Learn to Love Me and give to myself what I so willingly give to others without hesitation.


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