Day by Day – Acceptance – Friday 9/10/15

Blessings to all out there, hope all is travelling well for you on this Friday the 9th October.

So many changes, so much has happened in my life since my last Day by Day post.

Acceptance of change, I keep asking my self “What is it all about?, This acceptance thing”, sometimes easier said than actually doing it.  So many emotions to come to terms with, letting go and processing, of the shock, the sadness and the anger that goes hand in hand with what I have been experiencing this past week.

With the inner knowing that if I hang onto all these emotions and feelings that they will only do more harm to me and the others involved in this event, knowing that I must let go and send love to this event and everyone  involved.

The human ego keeps kicking in, I seem to have this internal turmoil going on within me, one minute feeling that I have come to terms and accepted it, then that little voice kicks in and it starts all over again.  Even with all the knowledge I have gained through my counselling study’s and the understanding of the process’s involved it is so damned hard to move pass this.

Meditating, asking for guidance, sitting in silence, sending love out to everyone involved, I feel at peace and for sometime afterwards, as the day goes on, the thoughts and voices start kicking in again, constant work in progress, continuously reminding myself that nothing is permanent, nothing is stagnant, life goes on.

I know deep within myself that I will get through this with guidance and a strong self belief in myself, knowing that I have experienced many moments and will experience many more, now that I have let go of the self pity ( oh poor me!!) , the next question I ask myself is “what can I learn from this situation? What is the lesson here?”.

Understanding and a strong belief that I attracted this into my life for a reason, ” so what is it? what is the lesson?”, the answer will come I know, I just have to stop looking and let it be and it will show itself to me, that much I know. I do know I have learnt one thing already and that is patience ( what’s that!!) yes patience is a very strong virtue, one that I am still working on and this situation is certainly trying what I have at the moment, so I guess that’s something I needs more work….yes!!

Do you ever wonder sometimes when life is so good then all of a sudden it changes. “Why does this happen?” So many different views and answers to this question. I sort out Abraham for some answers see the link below for the website, it is very insightful and enlightening.

law of attraction, belief systems

Practicing everyday the law of attraction, and looking at my old belief systems, constantly working on changing my old beliefs that no longer serve me, stepping out of my comfort zone everyday, sometimes a challenge, but always very empowering, just the fact that I feel like I am actually doing something to help myself on my journey.

The people that have entered and exited my life since I have begun this journey the people I thought that would always remain strong in my heart and by my side, to find that they no longer hold that same place, with all due respect and deepest gratitude for their part in my journey, I had to let them go so the new could enter and how exciting my life has been since that day, by allowing change in and to go with the flow, letting go … letting go, can be so daunting but I know this was meant to be.

I am most grateful for all the experiences/lessons, everyday, everyday there is always something new to learn to discover, everyday a new adventure, constantly growing and evolving, no matter the physical age there is always more to learn on our spiritual and physical journey through this lifetime.

Our body our temple to cherish as we move through this space in time, so many changes as we grow physically, all apart of this wondrous journey through this life time, coming to terms with the physical changes as we grow but knowing this is apart of the journey, acceptance of what cannot be changed, acceptance that most things are out of our control if we chose to listen to our inner guidance and trust that what will be will be and all the worry in the world is not going to change anything, but we still do it, we still worry, we still suffer with anxiety and depression and so many other issues, if we could ( and we can) accept that, which we have no control over how much lighter and possibly longer our journey may be, but then I guess that depends on what our journey is for this lifetime it could be just that simple.. acceptance and letting go, we are all individuals on own paths.

Constant change.


Published by The Rainbow Effects

About Cheryle How came into being. My life really turned around, upside down, inside out and every which way when I had not long turned 30. I had a life threatening car accident, I died twice and twice I was bought back, out-of-body experiences, so much happened that made me question where I was going. Before the car accident I was happily married we have three wonderful children , life couldn't be better ( heard the story). Then one event after another leading to the car accident. The Universe certainly has some strange ways of putting us back on track ( I think), since that day my life and that of my family's changed dramatically, setting me upon a path of searching trying to find where is it that I fit in?

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