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Holistic Counselling

There are so many ways as a counselor that we can help ourselves and each other, reaching out and being there, just being is sometimes all one has to do no words just be allowing the space for trust and thoughts to grow and be nurtured, and at that same allowing my/ourselves the same to receive as well as give.

This is a personal lesson for me, studying counselling has helped me on personal level to understand the many processes that each of us go through on a daily basis to be able to offer compassion to others, but also to our/my self.

Ongoing journey unfolding everyday, just wanting to help others and sometimes a little lost even with all the knowledge I gained through this journey, we are all souls in a human body and all our experiences are special to each of us, each of us deserving of all that is good in our lives, but also understanding, why sometime bad things happen to good people is really hard to get the head around, there are so many thoughts and topics on this subject here is mine.

This is from my experience and my experience alone………. Why do bad things happen to good people? My take on this is that we chose our journey be it good or be it not so good, but we chose it to learn and grow, sound crazy? maybe to some but think about the saying out of everything negative there is always something positive that comes out of any negative situation … there in I feel ( this is are my thoughts/beliefs only) this is where the lesson lies, be it crazy but think about it, it’s not really that crazy, go deeper.

I just feel there is so much to learn each day about ourselves and why we are where we are right now, it may not feel that good, but then ask what is the lesson for now what can I learn from staying right here right now in this moment be it good be it not so good what is the lesson? What is it teaching/showing me? Listen, feel be still ( if you can) , there is always an answer always, be it a thought a feeling a word or person that pops into your thoughts, be open to receiving and you will find an answer.

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