The neuroscience of music

Everything Matters

From Neuroscience News: If You Get the Chills From Music, You May Have a Unique Brain – calling it the “chills” really misses the point in my opinion. When I shared this with my husband he, too, felt that it was a ridiculously inadequate way to convey the profundity of the experience. We can become one with the music. It’s a pure experience of emotion. And for me it is even a transmission of truth that has no content. It simply is and the body recognizes it and in that way it is transformative and healing.

Music, sound, tones and dance as well, have all been very important parts of my healing journey. It has all aided in the process of healing neuroplasticity and thus, the transformation of my being.

Ultimately the way music works for me is indicative of yet another way the mystery of our interconnectedness with all things…

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