Being Human(finding my burn)

Being human, I am searching trying to find what it is that is missing, I read this saying this morning in a post by Miranda MacPherson (previously Holden)

To enjoy true clarity you must make the shift from thinking you are a human being to the feeling of being human

There in lies the answer, searching continually for that something that keeps that fire burning, what is it?  What makes you tick? What makes you get out of bed everyday?

For me finding each day as a blessing and gift and being truly thankful for all that I have and all that I am, at probably one of the lowest points in my life, in every area I have been stretched, pulled, twisted until I felt/feel like I couldn’t take or do anymore.

You listen to and read so many stories of peoples journeys and their difficult times and you feel the sadness and then the excitement of when they just kept going and going until they found their passion, their burn. WHAT IS YOURS?

I am still searching for mine and I have the feeling I am getting closer, one step at a time one day at a time, understanding that I chose to do this and have totally forgotten why, why would I have myself in this situation? What is it that I am meant to learn from this? Each day asking the questions I need answered, very deep and I know they are within me and will be revealed to me when I am ready to action them, I think this part of my journey is preparing me for something really exciting and really, really big, I am not sure what it is but I sense it coming, with anticipation and learning of patience allowing the process to prepare me for what lies ahead for me.

I feel what actually gets me excited is just the simple fact I have  being gifted with this knowledge to be able to move forward in times of doubt, allowing myself to experience so many different ways to actually do more than survive, I want to do and be more than just survive I want to get out there and doing some living and experience my calling, to help others that’s what gets me excited but how do I, do that?

Finding my burn………..

The starting point
Where there is a will, there is a way.






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