Hello to those lovelies that follow my story, I have been attending various events and learning a lot at one event they spoke about writing your own script ie: life, daily, pending job,…. etc writing a script and putting it out to the universe.

My version on a daily basis is what I call TODAY and I read it every morning before I leave the house it goes along the lines of………………………………………..

TODAY, all I am guided to do will be a success, TODAY, I remain in the present moment, TODAY, I am kind and gentle with myself and others, TODAY, I allow only positive thoughts, TODAY I attract only positive circumstances into my life, TODAY, I give everyone the gift of a smile, TODAY, I show compassion and empathy to those I come in contact with, TODAY is a win, win for everyone, TODAY I release the past and remain in the present, TODAY I focus on positive happy moments, TODAY I choose to live in the now, TODAY ………..

It goes on from there, but I find by reading this everyday and adding a new thought each day it keeps me focused on MY TODAY and in the present moment.

What is your TODAY look like?


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