Ionix Supreme: a powerful herbal tonic

I also cannot praise Ionix enough it has helped me immensely totally agree if you are going to try Isagenix this is a must absolutely love it.

Isagenix: the Skeptic's experience

Hello again out there! This week I’m investigating the product that convinced me to start taking Isagenix products: Ionix Supreme. This herbal tonic is marketed by Isagenix as “Nature’s answer to stress and optimum performance”, by providing vitamins, minerals and natural extracts that support energy and physical performance under stress. They say Ionix Supreme helps normalize the body’s functions and also helps your body better cope with stress, while supporting mental and physical performance.

Obviously this was intriguing to me, as I was suffering sloth-like energy levels and dealing with a pretty significant level of stress in both my personal and academic worlds… but so many products claim the same thing, so what makes Isagenix different? As per usual, I set out to investigate the ingredients highlighted in the Isagenix literature through my University’s database. What I found was pretty impressive, and definitely influenced my decision to put this stuff…

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