Winsome lovelies

Oh, border!

Saw that today’s prompt is winsome and I could not help picking a card even though I have already met my quota (more like goal) of a blog post a day. 😀

The deck is Victorian Fairy Companion and the cards are all so sweet, lovely and guileless, I just knew I had to pick from it today. The one that first came up was Queen of Autumn, but it is way too close to what I have just posted. So here’s the one that followed – VI The Fairy Bride! The Fairytale here is about the Fairy Bride leaving her realm people to live among humans, symbolising the surrendering to the power of true love and the equal relationship that such love bestows. It is about marriage for a lifetime (for the human) and for eternity (for the fairy).

How sweet. I also love how the flowers filled the…

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