The Aura-Soma® Colour Care System is a non-intrusive , self selective colour care system.

Aura meaning light and Soma meaning body.

The Aura-Soma Colour Care System was born in England in 1983 by Vicky Wall who at the time of creating this system was technically blind, the wonderful world of colour came to Vicky through meditation and prayer, a paragraph from Vicky’s biography.

” I found myself suddenly enveloped in the most beautiful cascade of colour, which receded and advanced like the ebb and flow of the tide, sighing softly as it went. As it came towards me rhythmically, I longed to remain within it; my whole being was diffused with vibrant new energies and peace……Then came the still small voice….”Divide the waters, my child”.  “Divide the waters”.

“I could not dismiss this , and I got up out of bed.  For the life of me, I do not remember the next few hours, nor how Equilibrium was actually born, I only know that other hands guided me” 

The cornerstone of the Aura-soma system are the Equilibrium bottles, these bottles contain colours that are perceptible to human sight as well as the energies of crystals and plants. Part of the inspiration Vicky Wall received during the first nights of the birth of Aura-soma was the instruction to bring together the oily and the watery parts of plants. In Aromatherapy therapists largely use the oily parts of the plants, known as essential oils.  Herbalists on the other hand use the watery extracts of the plants.

The upper fraction of the Equilibrium bottle represents the conscious mind and the lower fraction represents the unconscious mind.  This was noted by Carl Jung who found that when looking at a mandala with his patients , the upper fraction mostly referred symbolism, colour, and form that was the most conscious for that person, while the lower referred to the unconscious, subconscious of the individual.

Colour also relates to the Chakra’s, the energy centres within our body, there are so many ways that this beautiful ever evolving system can nurture one on their journey of self discovery,some may feel, some may think, some may experience energy shifts, the shifts may be subtle or quite noticeable, each person will experience something different as we are all individuals on our journey with our own story, you can become the writer of your story through using this system. Your Aura-soma practitioner will be on hand to guide you through your journey in your chosen colour, always keeping in “mind  that you are the colours you chose”  ” these colours reflect your beings needs”

A Colour Consultation requires you to select four bottles, each of these bottles relate to your journey at the time of selection, remembering as you journey through the colour, your selections will change as your energies and beings need unfold, so each consultation will be different, a consultation can  be very helpful in the release of physical, emotional , mental and spiritual blocks, it can also offer guidance or understanding of your current energies.

You can apply the contents of these bottles to your body to assist you in healing a current issue or past issue or discovering your life’s purpose. Your Colour Practitioner will guide in the use of the bottle, the Equilibrium Bottles are supported by Pomanders and Quintessences , using the appropriate Pomander and Quintessence can support you on your journey through colour.

The Pomanders are used to support the mental and emotional body, they cleanse, protect and energize your etheric field and introduce positive energies and messages in their colours.

The Quintessences cleanse, protect ans energize your auric field,both the pomander and essence are applied in a beautiful ritual.  This link will take you to the Aura-Soma Story and how it all began with Vicky Wall

Ensha Reiya

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