Archangel Jophiel -101

Pale Blue over Pale Olive, these beautiful gentle colours come together as Pale Turquoise, this relates to speaking your truth through the feeling side of your being, in other words speaking you truth from your heart.

The lighter shades in our Aurasoma System represent letting in of light or peeling back of layers in relation to those colours in this case the Light Olive representing the acceptance of process by peeling back layers and working through and allowing the process to happen we look at Olive Green and refer to the process the Olive goes through before it even reaches us, the Olive in Aurasoma is the meeting of our creative centre the yellow with our heart centre the green, bringing in the bridge to allow our creative side to be expressed through the heart and allowing the process to take its journey.

Looking at the Light Blue this relates to our throat area and to communications on many levels the saying for this colour is “Thy Will not My Will” meaning you will always find the words to speak your truth by allowing Thy Will and not your ego or will to take over, listening to your intuition and having the courage to follow that intuition no matter the outcome because you know and sense this is the right outcome with out doubt you listen to your heart and follow it.

The combination of these two colours coming together is Turquoise this in it’s lighter form once again represents tears and struggles and fears of not being able to feel safe enough to really express your true feelings for fear of being rejected or ridiculed, this colour represents it’s owner the struggle and the empowerment they have gained to reach a place of being and feeling safe enough to truly express their emotions and feelings without the worry of fear of ridicule and rejection for the owner knows they are supported and will be more empowered and find inner peace from speaking their true feelings and emotions.

This is the bottle I am presently using and what a journey it has been to date, finding myself transforming and finding the courage to stand up and speak my true feelings with compassion and love coming from my heart knowing that this is true for me and it is not important what others may think of me, as I have to live with me 24/7 I am the only one that counts here, by speaking my truth with compassion and understanding I will always find the right words as I follow Thy Will and not My Will and speak from the heart with gentleness and firmness but always from love.

I am discovering so much about myself through my many journeys through the colour this one has to be to date the most profound, the affirmation for this beauty is as follows and is so so true for me at the point of writing this ( this is my version) ” I allow myself the courage to enter the garden of my heart and as I enter I do so knowing it is with deepest love and gratitude and that I am supported on every level of my being”

Each bottle and each colour represents different parts of our journeys and where we are right now and this is exactly where I am at this moment, finding the courage to speak my truth knowing that no matter the outcome it is how it is meant to be if I am to move forward on my journey.

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This slides shows four (4) bottles which are the colours you choose and each position represents a certain part of your journey, we now have over 115 beautiful coloured bottles each containing Essential Oils and Herbal Waters and can be applied to your body dependent on the bottle you choose to use out of your selection is dependent on what part of the body you would apply the liquid to.

In my case I have bottle 101 which is the light blue over the light olive which shakes together as turquoise so therefore I massage this into my heart and throat areas and also in my thymus and solar plexus(stomach area),allowing these colours to permeate your being and allowing the thoughts and feelings to arise and seek out what it is they you need to learn from your colours.



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