Gabriel B95 Magenta/Gold


Archangel Gabriel , beautiful colours of the Magenta and Gold coming together as gold flecks in the Magenta when shaken.

The wisdom, the coming together of Higher Energies of Magenta  with our Golden Star in the Gold.

I have been wondering lately why have I been so drawn to the beautiful energies of this bottle to find out that we are related my Heart bottle 40 also has the same qualities of this beauty.

The wisdom in the gold, the knowledge yet to come to the surface, being supported by the higher energy of the magenta, taking care of the little things to allow the merging of this two energies, to bring the wisdom into the light to be of service to others.

Beauty and loving support of the magenta, with the energy of the red to bring the passion to the light to serve others with love and with wisdom, the joy of giving and sharing of knowledge.

With the red presenting itself in the magenta, also comes hidden anger with the support of gold star the yellow and the orange coming together to direct our anger so that it may be released in a loving and appropriate way, being kind and loving to the soul in the process of letting go of that which no longer serves you.

Drawing on the gold for the wisdom and the knowledge, with the gift of inner knowing that all is well and that everything is working out for our highest good, that we are supported by the loving guidance of the magenta.

The joy and love that comes to mind every time I look at these colours it reminds me of the joy of children the happiness an innocence they exude, gods gift to the human race our children, we must learn to nurture these little ones and to encourage and allow them to see the beauty that lies within them.

The Tarot card is the Return Journey of the Star, and so so rightly named as I see in this bottle the journey , the path of learning and coming together as one, where we can draw on the knowledge of our journey and be the Star of our own life our own journey as it is for each of us, and being surrounded and supported with the beautiful higher energy of the magenta, the inner knowing in the gold, in allowing ourselves to trust and believe in our journey and our bright beautiful light allowing it to shine, thus allowing others to also shine in our presence, what a wonderful gift in these colours.


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