The Road to Acceptance

I found this on the Natural Therapy pages and it resonated with me, and felt that it may also resonate with many others When I was a teenager, all I wanted to be was taller, thinner, smarter, funnier, blonder, smoother and lovelier. Now that I’m an adult, I accept most of my flaws and like myself aContinue reading “The Road to Acceptance”

Gong Meditation

I have recently been introduced to Gong Meditation, the experience I cannot describe, I guess it would be different for everyone, for me it is one of re centering offering clarity and sense of inner peace that lasts for days after the meditation. Leith James is a Sound Practitioner and I was introduced to himContinue reading “Gong Meditation”

Day by Day – Depression

This link was written by Daylight, Inspiration, Mental Health, Depression it is very honest and open account of a personal journey, and having a family member that suffers with depression I found it very inspiring an open an honest account of ones own journey, shedding more light on Mental Health. Thank you so much, blessings andContinue reading “Day by Day – Depression”


I have been following abstemious2eternity journey  and the courage it takes to truly challenge oneself. I then decided this would be an excellent daily exercise for the next 28 days, another journey of  part of the self. Question 1 – Why are YOU doing #loveme? Answer: I am doing this because I feel I need to challenge meContinue reading “LOVE ME CHALLENGE DAY 1”

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