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Beautiful gifts from nature; the beauty and wonder of nature and what she gives us is in crystals/gemstones – found from all over the world, each with its own energies; gifts and colours. As with essential oils and colour; crystals/gemstones can be used in the healing process. If one is open to receive the beautiful healing energies of a specific crystal/gemstone, the shift in energies can be quiet strong or quiet subtle dependent on the quality of the crystal/gemstone and the persons willingness to allow the energies into heal.

It is quite often stated that if you are drawn to a crystal for any reason, that it has chosen you for some reason. Quite often when one is drawn to a crystal, it could be the Colour or construction of the crystal; and this also tells me a little about the person, because my world is of colour, essential oils and crystals. One can bring them together and what an amazing combination we have which is that of Aurasoma, for example if someone chose a pale blue crystal (there are many this is just an example). In my world – the colour pale blue relates to communication; it can also represent a journey well travelled in regards to speaking ones truth, blue relates to the throat chakra (I have attached a link here for further info for those that are not conversant with them)

Chakras, Colours, Healing

If one has chosen a blue crystal/gemstone, it could mean that ones throat energy chakra may be blocked, and by working with this crystal  it may assist on an energetic  level. If one allows this to happen, it is a very individual process here, as everyone has their own ideas and perceptions, but nevertheless the crystals do have the ability to heal.

One of my favourite blue crystals is Chalcedony, generally mined in Turkey, Brazil and Madagascar; this crystal is conducive to the throat chakra for shifting stagnant energy. If you refer to Robert Simmons book “The Book of Stones”, this will give a wealth of information, I have attached a YouTube clip for you just out of interest.

Each of the crystals in Robert’s book have been given affirmations to use. Whilst  working with Chalcedony, for example, the Chalcedony affirmation is: “I am at peace with myself and my world, and my awareness of all that I am is ever growing”


This photo is a beautiful example of Chalcedony, it is a beautiful gift from nature and just to hold it close or have it beside your bed is very calming.

This is just a little about crystals/gemstones, I will be doing some day by day posts on crystals introducing these gifts of nature.


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