Have you ever wondered how using the correct essential oil for your needs may help your healing process possibly a little easier ?

Essential Oils are used for many different purposes, some have a favorite scent or fragrance they may be attracted to.  Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain scents and fragrances more so than others?

Could it be that some of your favorite scents/fragrances possibly relate to your star sign? I have been reading an interesting book written by Patrica Davis called Astrological Aromatherapy.  In this book it discusses the essential oils and how they relate to a specific star sign.

This could answer a lot of questions and also possibly help one on their journey to healing and understanding how essential oils can help one heal on so many levels-  from the physical through massage;  vaporizing; used as compresses to heal sore muscles & relieve headaches; this list goes on.

With the guidance of an Aromatherapist (someone who is trained & experienced in this field) who can help you on so many levels from relaxation massage to treating a specific condition. It is always best to consult someone who has the knowledge to guide you in the uses of essential oils, for there are many oils that cannot be applied neatly to the skin or ingested, so please always seek guidance from a professional.

The purpose of this page is just to bring the awareness of the connection between the Astrological Signs and Aromatherapy, there are many books on this subject; Patricia Davis is but one of many and I am using her references for this purpose.

Did you know that every star sign has it own unique oil known as its Signature Oil: for example the sign of Aquarius has a Signature Oil called Neroli. Reading the profile of Neroli,  we find that this is very much related to these thinkers – the unconventional minds. Neroli is a wonderful oil for insomnia, which is quite often a trait in the Aquarius as they are such thinkers they sometimes find it difficult to switch off.  The unique character and scent of Neroli attracts the Aquarian  for its calming effect on the mind.

From Patrica Davis – Astrological Aromatherapy

The ethereal nature of Neroli reflects the very best of the Aquarian character.  Neroli is both a meditation aid and a aphrodisiac, as well as being one of the most subtle and exquisite perfumes. To many Aquarians, the meditative quality of the oil will have an immediate appeal, but it is important for these mentally orientated people to remember their bodies and treat them kindly, and the more Venusian qualities of Neroli can help them to do so

There are so many ways we can self help, but always remember to consult a professional aromatherapist.

Neroli is an oil that can be massaged diluted into the skin and inhaled safely but there are many that cannot so please always check.


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