A new day

Searching for that feeling/s I seem to have lost.  Are they being replaced by something new and exciting?  I don’t know… sometimes I think yes and sometimes I am not so sure.  What happened to the confident me?  Recent events have had me asking myself these questions, waking every day feeling a little different to the previous.  Is this growth and transitioning through to a new way of life? Have I really lost my mojo? I am beginning to wonder now are these feelings and new thoughts I am having just a new part of my journey that I am resisting? Is it the resistance that is causing me this discomfort on so many level?  Maybe……… having the courage to keep moving forward through this is daunting, stepping out and allowing myself to be seen I mean really seen, the true me…. Am I courageous enough to do that?  Is this what this is all about, the universe is sending my on a journey that I am a little unsure of at the moment, waking each day and being thankful for another, then wondering what this day will bring…… so many changes happening my life on many levels, thoughts and feelings changing, seeing people and situations in a different way than I used to, if this makes sense it sounds and feels like I have been given a 360 view of each situation to assess and make the right decision for me and standing by that decision.