Day at a time

Finding my mojo, one day a time, today a struggle to even cope with the normal every day activities of work, feeling stressed and tired even though I slept 9 hours straight, so many changes, trying to process each one as it comes along but they seem to be piling up on me.

Pull back deep breaths and to realize I have a choice, I can choose to allow all these emotions and feelings arising to get me down or I can put a smile on my face and face the day knowing deep down that I am supported even though at times I really don’t feel like I am.

Transitioning from what I knew as security to a feeling of being thrown out into the big world, but then I stop and think – I made the choice to travel this path, then I pull myself back and realize that it is all only temporary and life is always moving and changing, its just that sometimes it all gets too much, when all I need is a hug and reassurance that all will be okay, but there is no one to give me a hug to reassure me that it will be okay.

I must learn to have faith in my choices and my decisions and really stand in my truth, this is what this decision to take this path was and is all about, I could give in give up tomorrow then I remind myself that I made the choice to travel this path so I also have the power to change it, but in doing that at this point I feel like I would be giving up , when I have only just begun, early days, keep moving forward and just focus on each day and stay in the moment for it is the present moment that creates our reality.