Gong Meditation

My new found sense of inner peace and guidance.

I was lead to gong meditation by my then yoga teacher Emma Costello, I am and will forever be so grateful for this connection.  I have met so many liked minded and gentle, caring people in this community.

The Gongs date back for centuries and have been used in many different ceremonies.

Gong Meditation is simply laying back and allowing the vibrations and sounds of the gongs to wash over you, it has been a new learning for me to just BE .

I really have not many words to say because my experience has been so profound, I have had personal one on one sessions with Leith, these one on one sessions are personalized to suit your own personal journey, with Leith’s guidance, compassion and knowledge, he will gently assist you and help you rediscover YOU.

Here is a link to Leith’s page I encourage you to at least have a look for yourself and if you have any questions Leith has an email address and phone number listed on his site, I truly hope you will give yourself the gift of at least going to his website and discovering the gifts of sound and vibration


Many Blessings


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