My Poems

The following writings I am about to post, came to me when I was going through, many changes I just want to share them one at a time please let me know if you relate to any of them.


She spreads her wings , she feels, her way, she is light she is dark, she soft and gentle, she wears her mask,  she wears her shield.
She appears to the world  to be strong, yet deep with in her being she feels weak and floundering, unsure to  show  her true  beauty to  the external for fear of being ridiculed and judged.
In silence she sits and wonders at the world around her will she ever have the strength to show her true beauty and inner strength?
She removes her mask behind closed doors and takes a deep  sigh of relief that she moved  through another day undiscovered her beauty and strength she holds close within, will she ever discover her power ? To stand in her truth  and in her beauty.
She rises , she falls, she is weak , she is strong,  she is….

Cheryle Uduste


The Journey has begun
Through the night she dreams,she runs, she is lost.
She wakes to her beating heart pounding in her chest , she was lost, she was floundering, but she felt no fear, as she sat in the darkness before sunrise she felt the freedom of no longer having to run or hide, she was lost no more, now heading home. She is Homeward Bound,
coming home to her true essence the journey has begun, one step,  one breath , one moment. Moving forward feeling her way from the thick dense forest to the warmth of the sun, she slowly steps from darkness into the light.
The journey has begun.

Cheryle Uduste

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